Insurance for travel and rescue

Adventure Consultants suggests the following travel insurance and rescue choices; however, it’s only an initial step! After you’ve booked your excursion with AC, Your Client Liaison will be able to assist you with suggestions on the best options to:

  • Insurance for travel, including cancellation and trip interruption insurance
  • Rescue / Evacuation / Medical insurance

RIPCORD RESCUE Travel Insurance

Adventure Consultants joined forces with Redpoint Resolutions to offer Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance(tm). Ripcord is the only comprehensive travel insurance program designed for the adventurer.

Essential benefits of Ripcord Travel Insurance include:

  • complete program with one contact for emergencies, travel assistance, as well as insurance claims
  • Rescue and evacuation services from the point where you’ve suffered an injury, illness, or even ailment to the hospital of preference
  • Comprehensive travel insurance to cover trip cancellation or interruption, primary medical expense protection, luggage loss or delay emergencies, accident or medical expense due to sickness, emergency dental, accidental dismemberment and death, and much more
  • Security evacuation protection is an option in an unplanned natural disaster or any other security incident.
  • Waiver to cover pre-existing conditions (must be bought within 14 days of the tour deposit)

To request a quote or buy travel insurance, click here, Ripcord rescue travel Insurance ™, or call +1-415-481-0600. For more information about COVID-19 insurance coverage, please refer to our redpoint-related FAQ. Prices vary depending on age, cost, trip length, and coverage level.

Who, and for what types of travel is the policy suitable?

  • Worldwide residents who are for a climbing or trekking adventure in any part of the world, including Antarctica and the North Pole. North Pole.

Nepal, Antarctica, and Polar Regions

There are particular requirements for insurance when traveling in Nepal, Antarctica, and the North Pole. For more information, contact Redpoint for a customized quote. Be sure to mention the destination, the fact that you are traveling with Adventure Consultants, and the details of your journey.

Global Rescue

Adventure Consultants joins forces with Global Rescue to provide travelers with the best security services. Unfortunately, security and medical emergencies can occur. In the event of an emergency and we need help, we rely on Global Rescue to provide our customers with protection, medical risk, and emergency response assistance. Without having a membership, an evacuation during an emergency can cost more than 100,000. Over one million members count on Global Rescue to get them back to their homes in peace if an unexpected event happens.

IMG Signature Travel Insurance is an ideal complement to the Global Rescue membership, providing protection against the unexpected costs of traveling. You’ll be able to rest in knowing that the value of your trip is protected if you need it.

Global Rescue is an industry leader in security, medical advice, and evacuation services to travelers worldwide. Global Rescue offers field rescue immediately following injury or accident. The centers are open 24/7 and are staffed by highly trained staff. If you contact Global Rescue, you speak with a natural person at the start of the call to ensure you receive the required help.

Who are they who will be covered, and for what activities is this policy suitable?

  • The world’s residents can enjoy a hike or climbing trip from any place in the world, except for those who live in the areas of the polar region.

Take advantage of a Global Rescue Membership for your next trip to have peace of mind while you travel. Options for annual or single-trip travel along with family memberships are also offered.


Explore your love for adventure, but also protect yourself from the unexpected events that may occur before or during your journey with the help of Adventure Consultants. Alongside Cover-More Insurance Adventure, Consultants can provide advice and support when purchasing Cover-More policies. The benefit of a high-quality travel insurance policy offers assurance and the chance of traveling the world knowing that you’ll receive assistance and support from Cover-More in the event of need.

Adventure Consultants highly recommend the YourCover Plan, which provides protection and benefits. The plan offers help in the event of cancellation of your trip and modifications that safeguard any investment made in traveling, as well as medical and dental emergencies, baggage and personal items lost, and delays during travel.

You can tailor your insurance even more by including an amount for the excess you’d like and other advantages, such as the possibility of canceling without cause and adventure and snow sports insurance.

Why is Cover More Important?

  • They offer protection where other people will not. e.g., terror scares or natural disasters, political unrest, and redundancy.
  • Whatever your emergency is or the cause, you can count on the Cover-More team is one phone call away. Their 24-hour emergency medical assistance for travelers with a group of specialist nurses, doctors, and case managers ready to assist.

Who are the people, and what kinds of excursions is this policy appropriate for?

  • New Zealand residents traveling outbound for a trek, e.g., Everest Base Camp Trek, Khumbu Trek, Kilimanjaro, Tour du Mont Blanc Trek, and Mustang Horse Trek.
  • Other nationalities via the following hyperlinks: Australian, UK, and US residents.

Call the Expedition Liaison on Adventure Consultants if you require more details or help. Policies can be purchased at Cover-More.

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