How do you find a great lawyer? Five Tips to avoid mistakes

The ability to locate the right attorney is crucial for all of us. The attorney representing our interests is the most critical piece to judge whether we’ll succeed or fail the course.

But, with the number of lawyers to choose from and so many ramifications to the legal realm, it’s challenging to locate that “ideal firm.”

With this in mind this is why with that in mind, the Dutra Advogados team came in to provide some suggestions for finding the best lawyer for your needs. So take a look at the following paragraphs carefully and If you think you need to leave a comment, do so below the text!

How do you find a reliable lawyer?

Do you want to know how to locate a reliable lawyer? We have some tips for you:

1 Which “type” of lawyer do you require?

Contrary to what many think, lawyers aren’t the same.

The legal world is full of ramifications. We usually work on particularities like “consumer law” or “labor law” as examples.

If you’re facing divorce, it’s recommended to consult an attorney specializing in family law.

If the case was brought against a business in which you’ve worked, the specialization to be looking for is the area of labor law.

If you’re looking for questions regarding selling and purchasing real property, the best choice is a lawyer specializing in the law of real estate.

It is more beneficial to seek the advice of a lawyer who’s an expert in the field and will have a greater chance of getting the best outcome.

We are at Dutra Advogados. We specialize in labor law as well as real estate law, consumer law, and business law.

2 – Begin by doing some internet studies

Like you’ve probably done in many other instances when you need to pick the right lawyer requires some research on the internet (by this, that’s because you’ve already completed this… Congrats! ).

Find terms such as “office Y Reclame Aqui,” “Is Office X good?” or “Office Z references.”

In addition to the information you can find on the internet, it’s worthwhile to talk to your relatives and friends. Perhaps your friend is already using or has worked with the legal firm you’re considering to refer to you.

3 – Request referrals from previous clients

The third suggestion is the most important one on our list: if you’re looking to locate a good lawyer, check the names of the lawyer’s past clients. The client is never lying!

4. Make an inventory of the lawyers you have found and get to know their websites

Once you’ve figured out the expertise of the lawyer you’re considering and have conducted some investigation online, now is the time to view the most intriguing alternatives.

This is also an essential aspect for anybody who wishes to understand how to find an experienced lawyer in the market…

Ideally, you should have more than one and not less than ten choices. On the other hand, it isn’t a good idea to be lost, do you?!

Once you have completed this step After that, visit each lawyer’s site and look for aspects like:

  • Specialties
  • Experience
  • Articles published in the press
  • good spelling
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Transparency in the information
  • Service speed

These are all details that reveal a lot about the credibility and reliability of an attorney or law firm.

5 – Contact the most effective options

Have you enjoyed what you’ve read in the past on a couple of specific websites? Then, it’s time to connect with us to learn more about the activities of these lawyers.

Apart from exchanging emails and calling, Consider setting up a face-to-face meeting to learn more about the staff. Remember that this effort is worth it since your rights are in danger!

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