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East End Lodge staff strongly suggests that our guests buy “Trip insurance.” We promise you a unforgettable fishing experience. In addition, our Global Rescue partner Global Rescue can promise you an exclusive “Trip Insurance and Emergency Evacuation Service.”

Do I need to take it out to my destination?

If you’ve planned your dream trip for the East End Lodge, things could interfere with your travel plans. Imagine that you or a loved family member is struck by an emergency medical situation just a few days before the date you’re supposed to leave. Then, life comes with a joyful present, like a brand grandchild born! Baby! Whatever it is, you’re faced with a dilemma. It’s now difficult for you to escape. This is where Global Rescue Trip Insurance can assist. Global Rescue also offers a Signature Plus plan where you can cancel your trip for any reason, even for things as essential as bad weather. Travel insurance is a low expense compared to your journey’s price.

It will be evident this Global Rescue Travel Insurance & Evacuation is just as beneficial when you get to the island. There’s a good chance that you have health insurance. But, many are unaware that their health insurance plan doesn’t provide adequate protection when they travel to another country. If you get injured or fall sick when you’re away from your home, Global Rescue Evacuation will assist and not just fill in the gaps but offer top-quality medical attention. Global Rescue coverage ensures that you will be evacuated to your preferred hospital at home, wherever you are.

Basic Vacation Insurance

It is often said that trip insurance is too excessive. They already invest an enormous amount into the trip and can’t even imagine why they should spend more on insurance they’re unlikely ever to use.

Every time, we’ve seen the error of this idea. A weekend at East End Lodge can cost hundreds of dollars. Yet, the most straightforward vacation insurance plan to protect the investment is just $200. Compared to the cost of the entire vacation, the expense of insurance for trips is only a tiny drop.

But, this affordable insurance policy covers most scenarios that could be faced before or during your trip. For example, if you fall and break your leg one week before your scheduled arrival on Grand Bahama Island or your vacation is canceled due to an extreme storm, you’re protected, and the cost of protection is just $200.

After reviewing the travel insurance the top credible insurers provided, We settled on one with excellent coverage for a reasonable price. Here’s a sample of what your insurance policy will include.

  • The cancellation of a trip is covered up to $100,000
  • Trip interruptions are covered as high as 150% of the trip cost.
  • The maximum amount is $2,500 for delayed baggage or lost luggage
  • $100,000 emergency medical/dental coverage
  • $100,000 common carrier AD&D coverage
  • up to $2,500 to rent sports equipment
  • Cancel-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost
  • Interrupt-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost

The Global Rescue Insurance we provide is specifically designed to safeguard our clients no matter what unpredictable circumstances could arise. Even a minor issue, such as delayed baggage, shouldn’t be a reason to create stress.

If you require a travel insurance policy, making a claim is simple. You’ll be connected to an expert customer service rep when you dial a toll-free number. Your case will be evaluated by a skilled claims analyst no later than 24 hours after your phone call. In most cases, the review will take significantly less time.

This insurance policy provides protection when you purchase insurance 15 days from the time you book your trip at East End Lodge. In addition, the policy will protect against bankruptcy of the tour operator or airline if an existing health condition worsens and causes you to cancel your excursion or cut it short.

Beware of the myths about travel insurance.

Many travelers fall for the misconceptions that tell them they don’t require trip insurance. In particular, we often hear people proclaim that they will go on this vacation “no matter what.” Although this kind of determination almost always leads to a pleasant trip, there are instances that are rare and unexpected when something goes wrong, which can ruin even the most passionate angler.

Some travelers believe that the insurance isn’t worth the cost. But the fact that you can calculate it suggests that it is not. Travel insurance is less than 4 percent of the expense of the journey. So looking at it this way, it’s difficult to say it’s not worth the cost.

International Evacuation Emergency Insurance

The additional coverage offered by Global Rescue may be just as essential as the traditional holiday insurance plan. East End Lodge has allied with Global Rescue because they are the most reputable top-rated insurance for travel. So if something goes horribly out of the ordinary during the trip of a lifetime, Global Rescue is there to assist travelers in becoming secure and fit. They might even help you save your life.

You are likely covered by health insurance. But, many are unaware that their health insurance plan doesn’t provide adequate security when traveling to other countries. It means you could be left without proper protection if you fall ill or suffer an injury while away from your home.

Global Rescue comprehensively covers this gap by providing insurance protection that guarantees you top-quality medical care and can be evacuated to your home country or the nearest to the most reputable medical facility you prefer.

Global Rescue’s name says everything. They are experts in securing policyholders from danger, even in the most remote parts of the world. When earthquakes, medical emergencies, hurricanes, and other natural disasters hit Global Rescue’s team of experts, they will do everything they can to protect those with insurance.

They’ll transfer you to the medical facility you prefer in your country of residence if you’re hurt or sick. No matter how far away your location is, they’ll arrive to ensure your safety. Experts from Johns Hopkins Medical Center will be on hand due to Global Rescue, and many travelers appreciate the accessibility of security and paramedics no matter where they travel. A 24-hour Operations Central makes it simple for travelers to contact Global Rescue whenever necessary.

Global Rescue offers a variety of membership options. Most of our members select coverage for only one excursion for a trip to East End Lodge. However, some genuinely satisfied with Global Rescue’s protection and the low insurance cost opt to become annual members to protect their travels. The option you pick will surely bring you assurance throughout your stay.

Emergency evacuation insurance is separate in its way from travel insurance. When trip insurance compensates you for the losses you have covered, The protection provided by Global Rescue is designed to help you escape a potentially dangerous circumstance with the utmost effectiveness. The majority of essential travel insurance policies do not offer this service, making the inclusion of Global Rescue to your travel plans Global Rescue insurance policy on your travel plans almost crucial.

East End Lodge wants everyone to be able to enjoy their time fully. Therefore, we have joined forces with Global Rescue to make these beneficial insurance options accessible to all of our guests. With complete protection for an affordable cost, most guests can go with Global Rescue.

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