AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan with MedicareRx Prescription Drug Plans

AARP®Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans provide those eligible for Medicare the chance to select from a range of standard plans ( e.g., plans A and N) to pay for part or all retiree’s expenses out of pocket not covered by Medicare Part A and Part B.

These Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are also referred to as “Medigap” Plans. Each plan has a unique degree of benefits, and the monthly costs vary. There are many plans and variations it is essential to get in touch with UnitedHealthcare to get more details.

Benefit Charts

Medical Plan
Office Visits and Professional Services
Surgical and Hospital Services
Prescription Drugs

Guaranteed Issue Period

The plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. AARP Medicare Supplement Plans may require medical underwriting if you fall beyond the guarantee issue period when coverage could need approval.

You’re qualified for guaranteed coverage if you’re switching to a County Medical plan. If coverage is not granted, the enrolled dependents will be covered under the program before applying for the Medicare supplement plan or have the option of changing to a different method if they make the change before The Annual Enrollment period ends.

Customer Service, Group Numbers, and Premium Rates

Contact the numbers below for more enrollment information and plan options or to request a monthly quote for premiums.

AARP(r) Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Customer Service:(800) 545-1797Hours ( PST ): Monday through Friday, 4:45 a.m. until 8:15 p.m.
Saturday, 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

AARP®MedicareRx Plans

AARP Membership

Membership with AARP is mandatory in the AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. If you’re not currently a member of AARP and would like to join the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, UnitedHealthcare will pay for the one-year membership (this is not offered for residents in New York); otherwise, you will be invoiced directly from AARP on a monthly membership cost, which is currently $16.00 in a household.

Medical Plan Summary

ServiceUnitedHealthcare AARP
Medicare Supplement
Calendar Year Deductible$0
Calendar Year Out of Pocket Maximum
(Including Deductibles, Co-pays, and Coinsurance)
Lifetime MaximumUnlimited (Medicare is a service that has limitations on certain services)
Dependent Children EligibilityAny Dependent Child under age 26. No age limit for the disabled.
Dependent Children EligibilityContact the customer service of the AARP by calling (800) 392-7537 to verify your and your family member’s eligibility.

Office Visits and Professional Services

ServiceUnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Supplement
Physician & Specialist$0
Preventive Care Birth to Age 18N/A
Preventive Care Adult Routine CareNo cost for Medicare-covered services.
Preventive Care Adult Routine OB/GYNNo cost for Medicare-covered services.
Diagnostic Lab and X-RayThere is no cost for Medicare-covered benefits.
Physical Therapy
(Medically required treatment only)
No cost for Medicare-covered services.
ChiropracticThere is no cost for Medicare-covered benefits.
Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Surgical and Hospital Services

ServiceUnitedHealthcare AARP
Medicare Supplement
Inpatient Hospital and Physician ServicesZero in the first 90 days, subject to Medicare’s maximum number of days allowed
Outpatient SurgeryZero in the first 90 days, subject to Medicare maximum days permitted
MaternityZero in the first 90 days, subject to Medicare’s maximum number of days permitted
Emergency Room$0
Mental Health & Substance Abuse
No cost for up to Medicare maximum number of days allowed
Skilled Nursing FacilityNo cost for up to Medicare maximum number of days allowed
Home HealthZero in the first 90 days, subject to Medicare’s maximum number of days allowed
Hearings AidsNot Covered
AARP discount on memberships may be applicable

Prescription Drugs

Contrary to most other plans, where the prescription and medical benefits are included in an overall package, UHC -AARP’s prescription and medical procedures require separate enrollment. County retirees who sign up for the AARP medical plan. Also, you must be enrolled in the AARP(r) MedicareRx Plan. It is a MedicareRx plan offered by AARP. AARP MedicareRx Plans are available to retired individuals across the U.S. and in the 5 U.S. territories.

You cannot enroll in an independent Medicare Part D plan, like the AARP MedicareRx Plans, without taking part in their medical insurance. They have a national pharmacy network that has access to over 65,000 pharmacies. The plan’s list of drugs includes hundreds of generic and brand-name medications. For help in making a choice, you can provide AARP with an inventory of your medications and seek advice about the cost and insurance coverage.

To enroll in a UHC – AARP plan, choose and join any Medicare supplement plans and any of their Prescription Drug (Rx) projects. It is also mandatory to join both programs. All enrollees of these plans ( i.e., retired persons and their family members) are required to be included with both Medicare Part A and Part B and must be 65 years old to be eligible to participate in the AARP(r) plan.

ServiceUnitedHealthcare AARP
Medicare Supplement
Generic or Tier 1A co-payment of $1-4 for 30 days.
Non-Formulary Generic or Tier 2Co-pay $2-8 per day for 30 days of supply
Formulary Brand or Tier 2A $20-$45 co-pay for 30 days of supply following the deductible
Non-Preferred Brand or Tier 4Co-pay of $35 to $9 for 30 days after the deductible
Specialty or Tier 525%-33% co-insurance
Mail Order BenefitInclusion of a discount of $15 in the majority of locations
Mandatory Mail OrderNo
Mandatory Generic ProgramNo

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